The Marine Ecosystems of Sabah by Teruaki Yoshida ( Author )
, B. Mabel Manjaji-Matsumoto ( Author )
This book successfully bridges the gap between academic text to an informal study of the significance of life in the oceans around us, providing an ideal introduction to the subject for conservationists, hobbyist, policymakers and students. The book sheds light on the pressing issues and focuses on the areas of research that Sabah is experiencing today, as marine scientists from the Borneo Marine Research Institute continue to advance in understanding the marine environment of Sabah in line with the priorities of the state and the country. Explore a wide range of topics from single-cell algae to large marine vertebrates, from hydrodynamics and water quality to effects of marine plastic pollution, from the biological to the physical and chemical aspects of the marine environment in Sabah. After going through each chapter, it gives the saying “Sabah is blessed with natural wonders” a deeper reflection of what the ocean means to the environment and people of the state.
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