The WAFA Group: Case Studies in Auditing (UUM) by Noor Afza Amran ( Editor )
, Ifa Rizad Mustapa ( Editor )
WAFA Berhad was registered as a trademark in Malaysia in 1984 and is now registered in more than 20 countries, thus laying the foundation for global expansion. In 1988, the WAFA Group commenced manufacturing and marketing of Electrical Home Appliances under the WAFA Berhad brand. Henceforth, this Malaysian owned-and-grown and operated brand entered history as the nation’s first “Made in Malaysia” electrical home appliances. For the first time, a locally conceived and produced range of electrical products took its place among established brands from Japan, Europe and the United States. The WAFA Group: Case Studies in Auditing is very useful to accounting students as it mirrors both the accounting profession and a complete auditing cycles. The cases in this book aim to create a realistic view of how an auditor organizes and performs an audit examination. These cases provide a simulation that permits students to put the abstract and difficult concepts of auditing into practice
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