Mantanani Island by Mohd. Harun Abdullah ( Author )
, Ismail Ali ( Author )
, Zulherry Isnain ( Author )
, Collin G. Joseph ( Author )
This book comprises of 13 chapters, documenting the scientific expedition of the Mantanani Island. This expedition was conducted by thirty scientists and researchers from Universiti Malaysia Sabah under the fellowship of the Small Islands Research Center (SIRC). The expedition was carried out from the 8th to the 10th of April 2016, yielded new knowledge and updated previous data on the socio-cultural aspects of the inhabitants, island geology, terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, economy and ecotourism. The layout of this book was designed to present the socio-cultural aspect of the inhabitants on the island in two preliminary chapters, followed by island geology; land use; coastline changes; diversity of trees; seaweed; invertebrates; snails; groundwater as well as economic and potential ecotourism prospects of the island in its final chapter. UMS, through its implementation arm, SIRC, is committed to ensure the success of preservation and conservation of the island’s resources for future generations. Therefore, this book aims to serve as a focal point for future scientific expedition to this island. As the environment changes around us due to anthropogenic activities, it is only prudent that we document these changes in order to better understand and mitigate future disasters.
Penerbit UMS
Reference Science & Math
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