TIN in Applications: Meeting the ‘Green’ Challenge by V.G. KUMAR DAS ( Author )
SYNOPSIS The book addresses a long-felt need among researchers in the tin materials field to source under the one cover the advances in many cross-sectoral tin application areas and newer interdisciplinary frontiers revealing the astonishing versatility of tin. This book covers the horizon of recent research undertaken in the broad application areas of tinplate, tin solders, other tin alloys and intermetallics, inorganic tin chemicals and organotin chemicals, with a focus on ‘green’ synthetic processes, new emerging technologies arising from advances in nano-solid-state science (catalysis, chemical sensing, photovoltaics and energy storage), and biological tin chemistry aspects (chemotherapeutic and agricultural applications), while authoritatively laying bare the myths and facts of organotin toxicity that should interest a wide spectrum of readers. FOREWORD “I have much pleasure in penning the Foreword to this book which is jointly sponsored by the Tin Industry (Research & Development) Board and Magic Mirror Sdn. Bhd. The book vividly describes the vast array of applications that tin and its derivatives possess, much of which stems from research that has increasingly been targeted at espousing the metal’s green credentials. An international expert in the tin field, Professor Emeritus Kumar Das, has given an inspirational read to researchers in this extremely well-written book which is the first of its kind to bring under the one cover research developments in the areas of tinplate, tin solders, other tin alloys and intermediates, inorganic tin chemicals and organotin chemicals. The book treats the positives and negatives of the application of the various classes of compounds in a balanced manner, indicating how further improvements in efficacy can be met or how some of the disadvantageous features might be overcome. Several frontier areas of research in emerging technologies where tin is featured are presented. New ideas for research are also thrown in the mix. I have enjoyed reading the book very much. Its multidisciplinary treatment of the topics will, I am sure, have much appeal to both industry and academia……. “ Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohd Ajib bin Anuar Chairman,Tin Industry (R&D) Board Kuala Lumpur
University of Malaya Press
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