Electronic Commerce and Digitalization. Selected Issues (UUM) by Yeoh Khar Kheng ( Author )
This book signifies the growth of e-commerce and the technological breakthrough behind web portals. The purpose of this compilation of selected issues in e-commerce and digitalization is to serve as a general reference book on top of many e-commerce textbooks available in the market. Every chapter is delineated with short explanations of the terminologies in e-commerce, as well as a brief description of the technology, tools, concepts, and models of the e-commerce ecosystem and platform. Many latest global issues and examples are highlighted across the curated 16 chapters of e-commerce issues. This book uses the most recent data available from journal articles, books, and online news and focuses on companies that readers in Malaysia. Every effort is taken to make sure the explanations are simple and comprehended by adolescent readers, such as undergraduate students, but in many instances, in-depth explanations are incorporated in this book to give justice to the phenomenon explained in the e-commerce realm.
UUM Press
Education & Teaching Science & Math Computers & Technology
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