Thesis Easy: An Interactive eBook by Adelina Asmawi ( Author )
Thesis Easy was never a choice. It had to be created. Too many struggle with the idea of research, what more with carrying it out and reporting its findings. As days, weeks, months and years passed, the inception of Thesis Easy bloomed first through banters with students, next through discussions with experts, then, a research grant and finally, and [timely] - an ebook by students for students. I am proud to introduce these student-authors through this ebook and congratulate them for being authors before graduating. Thesis Easy delivers six reader-friendly chapters broken down into sections that are colourful, fun, and most importantly, everybody's to enjoy. Chapter one draws an introduction to qualitative and quantitative research, while chapter two illustrates the path to write literature review. Chapter three adds colour to an understanding of research methodology where data collection, tools, and trustworthiness of research are laid out. Chapter four paints ideas on analysis of data including challenges that one may face. Chapter five carefully sketches plagiarism, accessibility, and referencing with examples and explanations, while the final chapter tints the book with a selected thesis broken down into five chapters with each picturing the format step by step for easy understanding. So, if you were stranded on a deserted island, would you be reading Thesis Easy? Of course, not. Understand its functions, and you would definitely benefit from them.
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