CenterYou: Permission-based Privacy Framework in Android Environment by Seyed Mostafa Safavi ( Author )
, Zarina Shukur. ( Author )
With mobile applications and associated services becoming increasingly popular, concerns are being raised about security vulnerabilities and private data leakages of smartphone users. Previous solutions to this well-known set of problems have approached it from the ground up, focusing on implementing reasonable security policies within Android’s open-source kernel. While these solutions have achieved the goals of improving Android, the way in which the policies have been implemented requires rewriting the operating system source code, which is unnecessary and burdensome. This book is about CenterYou, a software that manages the privacy of a mobile device’s owner. It is implemented under the Android environment with the idea that the new framework is hardware-independent. CenterYou is designed for two types of users: individuals and organisations. For individuals, CenterYou helps to ease the control of user privacy in the mobile device by using a cloud-based support system while respecting the advanced users by providing the advanced option for them. For organisations, CenterYou provides a feature to implement organisational privacy policy across all their employees’ mobile devices.
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