OBESITY AMONG WORKERS : Its Association with Work and Non-work Factors by Hanizah Mohd Yusoff ( Author )
, Nurul ‘Afiah Mohd Isa ( Author )
Obesity among workers has been associated with poor health and poor work outcomes. The concerns on obesity among workers are further triggered by the increasing trend of adult obesity worldwide. Fortunately, workplace has been recognised as an excellent platform for health promotion programme. Thus, it can be used to prevent and control obesity among workers. Nevertheless, organisations need to first assess the needs and the implementation strategies in order to make the programme successful. This book helps both workers and employers to understand the issues around obesity among workers. It exposes readers to the common work and non-work risk factors of obesity. With this knowledge, readers will be introduced to the possible interventions that can be developed in this workplace programme. They will be guided on how to assess the needs of the programme and how to ensure the implementation of effective strategies.
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Health, Fitness & Dieting
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