Tourism and Small Business Development in Small Islands of Sabah: Prospects and Challenges by Arif @ Kamisan bin Pusiran ( Author )
, Janice L. H. Nga ( Author )
, Kamarul Mizal Marzuki ( Author )
, Mohd Safri Saiman ( Author )
, Noor Fzlinda Fabeil ( Author )
, Roslinah Mahmud ( Author )
, Yuzainy Janin ( Author )
, Rasid Mail ( Author )
The book is an important volume about islands in Malaysia, particularly in Sabah. It is a useful collection about tourism and small business development with special focus on islands. This volume has discussed extensively the potential prospects and challenges related to the islands that the research team has visited. It shares valuable insights, knowledge and experiences that offer essential references and guidance for various stakeholders as well as future research. The research team is thankful and express the utmost appreciation for the support received from the Universiti Malaysia Sabah particularly the Research and Innovation Management Centre to make the study possible. Hence, the publication of this humble volume that may well benefit the wider audience.
Penerbit UMS
Reference Business & Money
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