Approaches to Cardio-Respiratory Systems in Health and Ilnesses by Urban John Arnold D'Souza ( Editor )
, Yeap Boon Tat ( Author )
, Krishna Dilip Murthy ( Author )
, Mohammad Saffree Bin Jeffree ( Author )
Oxygenated blood must flow! These four golden words summarize the essence of this book. Two ventricles pump hand in hand to deliver blood to the pulmonary and systemic circulation to ensure adequate perfusion to vital organs in the body. Various compensatory mechanism occurs by the shocked cells – be it immediate and late – to restore health. The understanding of the cardio-respiratory system, which is the underlying root of systemic hypoxemia, is enhanced with simple hand-drawn illustrations. Most importantly, students’ attention is directed to a specific use of medical terms and definition such as cyanosis and hypoxemia. The authors carefully explain and link the function of the cardiac and respiratory systems as a parallel loop. The topics highlighted in this book focus on common cardio-respiratory diseases and the associated immediate life-saving procedures. Students are carefully guided on the best practices based on local latest guidelines. We sincerely hope that physiology students will benefit and enjoy this value-for-money book.
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