Salutogenic Approach Promoting Students’ Mental Health During COVID-19 by Lay Yoon Fah ( Author )
, Walton Wider ( Author )
, Nasehah Binti Mohd Taib ( Author )
, Mohd. Wafiy Akmal Bin Ahmad Khadri ( Author )
Blended-teaching module has been encouraged by the Malaysian government from day one, especially during this recent COVID-19 pandemic. Owing to the emergence of COVID-19 and the imposition of lockdown, most of the teaching and learning aspects have resorted to the online medium to an extent in the hope of providing quality education to the learners, taking into consideration the health and safety factor. A proper blended-teaching module has the tendency to encourage the social and emotional skills of students with the guidance of positive psychology being upfront. Having said that, this particular blended-teaching module is generally exceptional as it has salutogenic framework that serves as a basic guide to educators when they are playing an integral part in the ecosystem of blended teaching. The main function of this framework is to assist the educators by organizing and channelling the correct method of adapting for the students that are new to blended teaching. Such an atmosphere is needed to increase the adaptability and recovery rates effectively.
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