Forestry Camp: Guide and Practical by Affendy Hassan ( Editor )
, Andy Russel Mojiol ( Editor )
, Walter J. Lintangah ( Credit to )
, Wilter Azwal ( Editor )
Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) through the Faculty of Tropical Forestry (formerly known as School of InternationalTropical Forestry) have conducted forestry camp in the Forestry education curriculum since it was introduced in 2000. Every year, we bring the students sometimes two troops in a year to train them as a forester. At the same time, the lecturers and staff prepare the teaching materials and equipment needed for the camp, and of course, we teach them relatively similar content every year by the respective lecturer or expert with staff assistance. Indeed, writing this book is not an easy job when we have so many ideas but quite challenging to transform in a book due to time constraints and other commitments by the lecturers for many years. However, we got the motivation that we want the best for our students and we have experience in coordinating forest camps for many years. Therefore, we wrote this book to provide a guide and practical to the students about forestry camp for learning, forest mentoring, both theoretical and practical as a compliment in achieving forester values in the related forestry discipline, hard skills as well as soft skills. More than that, this book is also intended to reach a broad audience on basic knowledge about how to survive in the forest, introduction on some wild edible plant and non-forest resources, birds, wildlife, forest recreation as well as camping hazard management for those people who are intended for organizing camping in the forest. We hope that this publication provides invaluable insights that may help not only forestry students but also the people who love and enjoy the forest.
Penerbit UMS
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