Statistical Methods for Designing and Analysing Experiments by Zaini Abdul Halim ( Author )
, Tan Earn Tzeh ( Author )
, Umadevi Chandaran ( Author )
, Norizah Mohamad ( Author )
This book is a comprehensive book that addresses the design and analysis of experiments conducted in the field of engineering. It reflects simple methods required to carry out experiments from the design of experiments (DoE) to the analysis of data obtained through an experiment. The strength of this book includes basic statistic techniques and moves to more difficult analyses. It includes examples from real applications with illustrative graphs and tables. The analyses are conducted manually and also by using tools. Appendixes that explain step by step of how to use the tool are also included in this book. This book can be utilised by students and design engineers focusing on DoE and statistical analysis in any field, wtih particular relevance to engineering. It will benefit those with basic knowledge of statistical approaches and who are seeking proper methods for designing experiments and statistical analyses to produce good experiment results.
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Engineering & Transportation
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