Staying Safe at Work: A Guide to Occupational Safety & Health by Ho Xiaojun ( Author )
, Chuah Chong Ken ( Author )
Organisations that lack a proper occupational safety and health practitioner or system are vulnerable workplaces. Think of your organisation as a football team and the occupational safety and health practitioner as your goalkeeper. You could have the best players on your team but without a goalkeeper, your team will be “battling” without the last line of defence. This book provides an insight into the various theories on how accidents occur, the establishment of relevant laws and organisations, and the current applications of workplace safety measures. With case studies drawn from the authors’ experience, this book also provides a brief overview of Malaysia’s laws and practices related to workplace safety and dedicates a chapter to mental health management in the workplace written by Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon, Founding President of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology.
Sunway University Press
Business & Money Self-Help Law
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