Blue Growth and Blue Economy in The Context of Development Policies and Priorities in Malaysia by Saleem Mustafa ( Editor )
, Abentim Estim ( Editor )
Blue Growth and Blue Economy in the Context of Development Policies and Priorities in Malaysia highlights the significance of introducing ecological perspectives to seafood production and explains the contribution of this sector to sustainable development goals. Structured in five chapters, the book explains the relevance of harmonizing the three interconnected elements: economic growth, environmental compatibility, and social inclusion in seafood security. Chapter 2 deals with the blue growth and blue economy perspectives, Chapters 3 and 4 cover the current drivers of blue growth and emerging areas of the blue economy. Chapter 5 discusses the significance of higher education in seafood security and explains how a ‘systems approach’ can help in making sense of scientific knowledge and capacity building for addressing some of the most critical issues facing the world. Chapter 6 sheds light on the matters related to gender equity in blue growth. There are radical ideas in this book that require bold policy decisions for more applied and problem-solving research, giving due credence to scientific advice in decision-making, graduate employment, the imperatives of aligning national development priorities with the global development goals.
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